Vainu Integration Partnership

If you happen to be a software provider yourself and you're interested in providing your customers with new kind of value, you may want to read more about our Integration Partnersip.

What is Vainu Integration Partnership?

The idea is to connect your service with Vainu in order to maximize benefits for our existing, shared customers.

Why to integrate with Vainu?

If you have a service that has something to do with companies, then there's a good chance that Vainu's enriched company data would help your users to perform their daily routines more efficiently. And by helping them perform better, you inevitably bring them more value, which may then lead both to loyalty and new customers.

Here are the main reasons to integrate with Vainu with a couple of use case examples (feel free to use your own creativity):

Help your customers to get more value from using your product.

You are a CRM. Whenever a user starts to create a new account, she'll get suggestions based on official company register and she may create an account with full, up-to-date data with only one click.

You are a CRM. Whenever a user opens an account, he'll see the latest news related to that company, allowing him to prepare better for the upcoming meeting.

You are a marketing automation system. Whenever a new person signs up for your newsletter, the contact is created with the full company information, based on person's email address.

Help your customers to get more value from the data they have stored in your product.

You are a CRM. Every account in your system is assigned to someone, usually referred as an "owner". Accounts also have information about sales and activities. Whenever a user wants to use Vainu to find new potential customers to call, she may easily exclude all the companies that already exist in CRM. Or have bought something. Or haven't been contacted in a long while.

You are a CRM. Whenever a user is assigned as an account owner, he automatically starts receiving Vainu's notifications about relevant events in that company.

You are a CRM. Whenever a user opens a Vainu profile of a company that exists in your system, she sees the latest activities (e.g. notes, calls, meetings) registered for that company in your system.

You are a marketing automation system. Whenever a new person orders your e-book, your sales team starts receiving automated Slack messages about relevant events in that company.

To get new customers.

Before reading this, go back to the first two reasons and digest them slowly – maybe with a glass of wine.

By becoming an Integration Partner, your service will get visibility in Vainu's user interface and marketing channels. We really want this integration to succeed in order help our shared customers succeed. We want it to be worth the effort.

Best case scenario: you land a few new customers. Woppee!

This can not be a motivator for building the integration. Just like your service, Vainu is built to bring value to its users – not to acquire new customers. Let's keep marketing materials separate from the core product.

What does it require to become a partner?

I want to integrate. How should I proceed?

Drop us an email at giving some background about your service and the way you envision the integration would work.

You may get some ideas from checking the current API documentation.

Let's build something useful!